a shawl lover

these days we can see many online blogshops are selling shawls and syrias with lots of beads, sequins and pearls. i have two from radiusite but i only wore it once, it's during my cousin's wedding last june. nooo dont get me wrong, they are gorgeoussss but i dont think i have courage to wear it everyday. (yeah i have some self-esteem issues ;p)

the thing is with my super round face, it's hard to shape the shawl because the beads/sequins are kinda heavy. i have thought about this issue before buying it, but hmm hmph hmm i am a squanderer i guess? ;p has anyone experienced this before?

i was looking for shawl with lesser beads/pearls and just now i found this from kznabihah hijab. this one looks promising. and the price is also affordable, only RM56.00. however i am not sure about the chiffon quality. so far, i favour radiusite's chiffon.
the sad thing was there's no colour that i wanted. sobs.

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